Katie Coble is a visual artist and designer currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. Katie’s work relates to performance in both Fashion and Costume Design. Her interest lies in how one’s body interacts with the space it inhabits. She takes influence from everything from architecture, art, and philosophy to the movement styles of dancers she works with. Katie is interested in how a wearer can appropriate garments functions and how that affects the original intent. In her fashion design this has manifested as garments that are transformative. The transformative aspect is present in the garments containing many options for use, or an element that may be reveled when a garment is shown in a different orientation. In her costuming work this has led her to work with other artists and performers that express their work in multidisciplinary performances. Much of Katie’s work uses new approaches to craft techniques to experiment with flux and instability through material manipulation.


Katie received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fibers form Maryland Institute College of Art. She concentrated in Experimental Fashion


Katie Coble has worked with Philadelphia Companies: Leah Stein Dance Company, Germaine Ingram Project, Headlong Dance Theater, IdiosynCrazy Productions, and Wilma Theater

She has also worked through institutions: Drexel, and Bryn Mawr


Her work has recently been seen in coordination with Tania Issac’s choreographed piece for the Wangetchi Mutu opening at the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia. She has also shown at the 18th street show, Kansas City, and the CSA Craft Show, California.